JPoptics Eyewear Company was founded and established in Athens and is the result of a many year involvement of Mr Ioannis Paraskevaidis in the eyewear industry.

Its purpose, among other things, is to import and wholesale known brands and famous designer eyewear from abroad, including Cazal, 9FIVE, Klenze & Baum, Giorgio Nannini, G-Spectacles, Common Ground, BAYRIA, Onirico, Albert I'mStein Eyewear and Essedue Sunglasses in Greece in order to fulfill the ongoing customer needs in the wider field of optics.

An extensive range of materials including ultra tough, thin and ultra thin glass are available and our lenses can be enhanced by special coatings including tough, anti-reflection, easy clean and scotchguard coatings.

JPoptics strongly values the ability to deliver reliable, fast and quality order services with a constantly updated eyewear inventory that meets the highest standards at very competitive prices, maintaining a strong reputation and a very successful presence in the industry's most advanced and fabulous eyewear.